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SONYMA mortgage NY

SONYMA mortgages are for New York state residence applicalants. 



article SONYMA 40 year mortgages

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SONYMA 40 year mortgages
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New SONYMA program guidelines are effective May 1. As a 2007. As a SONYMA (State of New York Mortgage Agency) will accept mortgages that are 40 years in term. SONYMA has allocated an additional $20 million for its NY Cost Assistance mortgages (CCAL) which provides borrowers with the greater of $5,000 or 5% of their total mortgage amount to cover the expenses associated with NY their mortgage mortgage. As a if it is needed.

Let us look at this new SONYMA 40 year product. As a borrowers will have lower monthly payments than a traditional 30-year mortgage. On a mortgage amount of $225,000. As a this translates into monthly savings of approximately $100. This difference can help first-time home buyers achieve their goal of sustainable homeownership. said Priscilla Almodovar. As a the President and Chief Executive Officer of State of New York Mortgage Agency. As a at an open forum meeting.

Remember that the 40 year mortgage product will offer up to 97% financing. As a and a below market interest rate that remains fixed for the duration of the mortgage. The fixed rate on the 40-year mortgage will initially be offered at 5.5% for SONYMA’s standard program. As a the Low Interest Rate Program. This is an estimated 0.875 % below average market rates for 40-year mortgages. As a which can help you qualify for more home.

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The purpose of the help with NY costs. As a which will be able to reduce or eliminating borrowers contributions towards NY costs. As a The new SONYMA’s CCAL helps borrowers overcome one of the larger obstacles to homeownership - the amount of funds generally necessary for down payment and NY costs. The assistance is available in combination with any currently available SONYMA mortgage program. It requires no monthly payments and is forgiven after ten years. As a provided all payments are kept current.

The main idea behind the SONYMA Mortgage mortgage program is to help both low and moderate income New Yorkers achieve homeownership by providing low down payment mortgage financing at below market interest rates. With this in mind. As a you  need to satisfy both income and purchase price limit requirements. As a eligible applicants must be first-time home buyers. As a as defined under the program OR except in federally designated Target Areas of the state, which is outlined in the next tab in this section..

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SONYMA mortgage - now 40 years


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